Creative writing takes many forms, including blogging. Image via Pixabay.



In Festivals, I ask whether your fictional world would have its own festivals and if so for what?  It is compulsory for people to attend and what happens to those who don’t?  I’m looking forward to going to writing festivals in the summer and also discuss what I like about these.


In How to Tell if Your Character is a Winner, I list five things I think would indicate you’ve written a really strong character.  The chief one for me would be when you find you are thinking a lot about the character outside of the story.  A good character stays with you and clearly has a life of their own!


It’s a great joy to thank the prize winners from my cyber launch for From Light to Dark and Back Again for letting me know they’ve received their prizes.  Glad these have gone down well!  The main prizes were a signed copy of the book, a FLTDBA notebook and pen and some sweets. Runner-up  prizes were everything except the signed copy of the book.  Some wonderful conversations about writing etc developed during the launch, which was huge fun.

Back cover of From Light to Dark and Back Again

Back cover of From Light to Dark and Back Again

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