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Contacting me:

The best way to contact me is through the website or via my Facebook author page at


There is a contact me button on this page.

You can also contact me via Chandler’s Ford Today by commenting on my posts there.  My page is http://chandlersfordtoday.co.uk/author/allison-symes/



My current list of publication credits include:-

Chandler’s Ford Today – have put in link to my list of articles.

Tripping the Flash FantasticThis is my second collection of flash fiction stories.  I discovered flash fiction thanks to a Cafélit challenge and has been hooked on the form ever since. In this follow-up to her “From Light to Dark and Back Again”, I take you back in time, into some truly criminal minds, into fantasy worlds, and show you how motherhood looks from the viewpoint of a dragon. Enjoy the journey!

From Light to Dark and Back Againmy first volume of flash fiction stories published by Chapeltown Books. The link takes you to Amazon for the paperback but the book is also available for Kindle.



Back cover of FLTDBA. Image by Allison Symes

To Be…To Become an ebook anthlogy published by Bridge House Publishing in 2018.  This book has the 16 winning entries to the Waterloo Arts Festival’s first writing competition and I was very pleased to be amongst these.


This is the first solely ebook compilation I’ve had work in – cover photo from Bridge House Publishing.

Also Transforming Being ebook anthology published by Bridge House Publishing in 2019. My story The Professional was one of the 15 winning entries for the Waterloo Arts Festival’s writing competition.  It was a great joy to read an extract from the story at the Festival too. I wasn’t able to go last year!

Transforming Being Medium

Transforming Beings. Image via Bridge House Publishing

Bridge House Publishing – Alternative Renditions and Baubles anthologies.  Alternative Renditions is a collection of fairytales written from the viewpoint of other characters in the fairytales. For example, my story A Helping Hand retells the Cinderella story from the viewpoint of the youngest “ugly” stepsister. Great fun to write and this story is very special as it is my first publication credit! Alternative Renditions is only available in paperback but Baubles is available in Kindle too.

Cafelit – The Best of Cafelit 4, The Best of Cafelit 5, The Best of Cafelit 6 and later this year The Best of Cafelit 8 which is due out in December 2019. All of the Cafelit books are available in paperback and for Kindle.


Me and some of my books!  Image by Adrian Symes

Stories in Green Ink edited by Anna Trowbridge.  I was invited to submit work based on work I have online at Scriggler.com (and is special for that reason!).

Limerick NationIron Press (who are Arts Council supported). Only available in paperback.

The Chandler’s Ford Today link is the best example of my non-fiction work.

October 2019 – Latest Publication News

The Best of Cafelit 8, where I have two stories (The Art Critic and Dignity and Injustice), is now available in paperback and for the Kindle.


The Best of Cafelit 8 is now available in paperback and for the Kindle. Image kindly supplied by Gill James

Testimonials/Reviews for

From Light to Dark and Back Again

A very big thank you to all who have been kind enough to review my flash fiction collection, From Light to Dark and Back Again.

Do check the reviews out here.



Testimonials/Reviews for From Light to Dark and Back Again