Heavenly books. Image by Pixabay



In fairytales, the outsider often ends up being the hero/heroine.  What reaction would your characters have if an outsider turned up amongst them?  I look at this in The Outsiders.


What If is probably my favourite question to use when trying to generate story and article ideas.  You can apply the question to your characters and yourself, in the case of the former to find out what they really are made of, and as for the latter, to discover what you are made of!  Now where will those discoveries take you?


Just a short post tonight so have put in full here.

Back on the old exercise bike for me tomorrow so I can catch up on my reading. Just as well pixels don’t have calories, or anyone at my cyber launch will have put on several pounds and been the worse for wear in other directions too.

Glad the lighter evenings are here. Mabel is too. Much prefers things when she can see what she’s doing. Now if only certain drivers would take that view…

Do your characters know in which direction they're going? (Border collie is optional!). Image via Pixabay.

Mabel. Image taken by me.


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