Books really are the gatekeepers BUT they can also be investigators as Westminster Bones clearly is. Image via Pixabay.



A topic very close to my heart is the subject of tonight’s post.  The Value of Fairytales looks at why I think fairytales matter.  Some of the reasons include the themes they tackle are timeless (wrongs being righted, never judge by appearances etc), they are often the first thing children read and can be the gateway to a lifetime of other stories and books, and they can often be a source of wonderful social commentary (The Little Match Girl).  Why do you value fairytales?


Storytelling looks ahead to the Chandler’s Ford Today post I’m currently preparing for this week and asks about storytelling in your fictional world.  Who are the storytellers?  Are they respected or treated with suspicion because they are literate and the population at large isn’t?   I also talk about reading your own stories out loud and why this is such a good idea.  And then there are those characters who tell tall stories.  Do any of your characters do this?  How do other characters react to it?


I’ve been seeing the bats out and about again locally.  I like bats.  Misunderstood creatures but very useful and their “radar” is so clever.  Definitely not glamorous things but I love non-glamorous, quirky creatures, whether they’re wildlife, characters or people!

Where all stories start, regardless of technology - the blank page. Image via Pixabay.

Where all stories start, regardless of technology – the blank page. Image via Pixabay.




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