Unwelcome Professions in the Magical World


Unwelcome Professions in the Magical World lists some of the careers most in such an environment would go out of their way to avoid.  These basically include those careers which seek to control or stop magic.  Can you imagine how well that goes down with your average fairy godmother (yet alone an evil witch)?


I share some World Building Ideas tonight and suggest looking at the kind of professions, education and ranks in society your world might have.  (It would also be interesting to see from what you choose what you are deciding your world does not want or need).


I talk about what is coming up in my new Chandler’s Ford Today post (great news of a Storytelling Festival.  I had to write about that one!).  I share the FB post in full here.

My Chandler’s Ford Today post this week will be about a Storytelling Festival coming up over the Easter break. More details tomorrow but this must be close to the perfect post for a fiction writer to write about… Hope everyone who gets to go to the various events has a marvellous time. The events sound fun.

It is strange to think that storytellers were amongst the earliest forms of “information technology” in their day. They read when so many could not. People would hang on their every world (and I guess if they upet the authorities of the time, the storytellers themselves would literally hang!).


Says it all - via Pixabay

What I hope the new Storytelling Festival will encourage…   Image via Pixabay


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