I discuss interviewing and include news of my Chandler’s Ford Today post as part of this, more on that in a moment.  But from a world building viewpoint, who does carry out interviews in your fictional setting?  What passes for the media in your world?  Who runs it?  Who asks questions on behalf of the layman?  All worth thinking about.


I talk about Meeting and Greeting tonight.  I’m looking forward to doing quite a bit of this tomorrow when I go to the Association of Christian Writers’ Day in Birmingham (UK).  But from a story viewpoint, how do your characters meet and greet each other?  What is the hierarchy?  How welcome (or not) are outsiders?


I am delighted to say that fellow author, Georgina Hannan, invited me to donate a prize to one of her recent giveaways.  I donated a signed copy of From Light to Dark and Back Again and the winner is Doris Orman and I will be posting her prize off to her next week.  I was thrilled to be asked to join with this – and even more thrilled I have a book to be able to offer!


I talk about the joy of interviews in this week’s Chandler’s Ford Today post.  I share some questions I was asked by fellow author, Jacci Gooding, and discuss what I liked about the questions.  Jacci was great at asking me questions that made me think about what I do as a writer and look back at how far I’ve come so far on my own writing journey.  The best interviewers draw the interviewees out and I think Jacci has great talent here!  Certainly it was interesting being on the other side of the interviewing fence!


Feature Image - The Joy of Interviews - image via Pixabay

This week’s CFT post.  All credit to Jacci Gooding for setting some excellent questions.  Image via Pixabay


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