The wonderful world of stories... Image via Pixabay.


I had a wonderful time meeting old friends and making new ones at the Association of Christian Writers’ (UK) Writers’ Day in Birmingham today.  The speaker, Sheridan Voysey, was wonderful and spoke on radio interviews and podcasting amongst other topics.  Really useful day too.


Getting Out and About is inspired by my trip out today and I look at transportation in the magical world.  I must admit I don’t fancy the idea of broomstick riding (not exactly comfortable!) and wing power has its disadvantages too.  Still, at least those methods don’t mean people standing on their way home because there are too few coaches…


Getting to Know People is another post inspired by my trip out today and reflects one of the huge advantages in going to a writing conference.  You get to meet other writers – and not only do you make friends, you learn from their writing experiences and you from theirs.  In this post, I look at how your characters would make friends.  What are the rules?  Would there be those they could never befriend?


Again I talk about the ACW Day but I also share my tale of woe and how an unexpected knight in shining armour came to my aid – a Brummie cabbie!


The old fashioned notebook and pen still have major roles to play in interviewing - image via Pixabay

Plenty of notebooks and pens used at the ACW Day today.  Image via Pixabay



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