Fairytale heroines. Image via Pixabay.



In Happy Ever After? Maybe Not...  I list 10 examples where there definitely wasn’t a happy ever after ending for characters.  From the boiled wolf in The Three Little Pigs (can you imagine the horrendous stink of that incidentally?!) to Cinderella’s stepmother and sisters, you can guarantee to find someone who didn’t like the way the traditional tale ended!  Okay, a lot of these characters brought this on themselves but I do have a sneaking sympathy for those unfortunate souls trying to sell spinning wheels in Sleeping Beauty’s kingdom.  They’d have got short shrift from the girl’s parents at best!


Setting Goals looks at those targets characters might set themselves.  Do they achieve them?  Even if they do, do they find the happiness or whatever it was they expected on attaining their goals?  This thought came to mind as one of my long-term goals has always been to have a book on my shelves with my name on the front cover.  The publication of From Light to Dark and Back Again by Chapeltown Books achieves that, though I hope it will be book 1 in a series of books.  Later this week, I hope to share news of my interview with fellow author, Jacci Gooding, who put some searching questions to me.  My goal?  To answer them!


I talk about how seeing certain books when I visit my dad always remind me of my late mum.  Books can be very evocative after all.



Heaven on earth? Image via Pixabay (of the library at Leeds Castle)

Heaven on earth? Image via Pixabay (of the library at Leeds Castle)



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