Six of the seven books my stories have appeared in (okay in the case of Limerick Nation, one limerick!). Baubles is the other book. Image taken by me.



In Little Things, I discuss those little traits that reveal what a character is really like.  Some of these things will be unconsciously done. Others may be deliberately put on to try to reinforce what that character wants other characters to see about them.  (A kind of “building up the image” reaction).  Little things like this can back up the main portrayal of a character or flatly contradict it.  (Personally, I think the little things really do give people and characters away).


Realistic Dialogue is, for me, writing speech clearly and not necessarily as we actually speak it.  Too  many “umms” and “errs” make for a boring read.  Using slang or regional accents can be problematic.  Clarity is the most important thing of all.


Received my copies of Baubles today, this year’s anthology from Bridge House Publishing.  My story, Helping Out, is in there.  Love the cover.  Have shared the link to the Baubles Facebook page.  Am looking forward to going to the joint launch (with Cafelit) in London on Saturday.  I also have a story, Telling the Time, in this year’s The Best of Cafelit 5.

And for the Baubles book trailer:-


I discuss how long my Kindle battery lasts (!) and talk about the arrival of Baubles.  My stories have now appeared in 7 different books.  Am very pleased with that and hope to build on it.


Love the cover for this. Image supplied by Bridge House Publishing.

Love the cover for this. Image supplied by Bridge House Publishing.




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