Images from the magical world... Image via Pixabay



Who Not to Trust lists five suggestions from me as to who to be very wary of in the fairytale/fantasy world.  Can you add to the list?


The Ways of the World – well I’ve always thought this to be an odd expression.  What world’s ways are we following if not this one?  It’s not as if we’re all commuting off to some alien planet somewhere and coming back with their ways and following them here, is it?!  Still, on the plus side, when creating your own fictional world, you do get to set the ways your characters follow. This post looks at and asks what ways have you chosen and why?  It also asks what happens to those who rebel against what is considered the norm and who enforces the “norm”?


A short post tonight in which I share why I write fairytales and fantasy.  I love crime and historical fiction but other than the odd short story every now and then can’t write in them full time.  What genres do you write in and did you come to these by accident or have you always known what you would write?  Is there a genre you would like to write in but, like me, find you just can’t?  Comments welcome here or on my FB page.

All books are gateways to other worlds, fantasy and science fiction especially I think. Image via Pixabay.

What fictional world have you created? What ways and rules have you set for your characters? Image via Pixabay.



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