It’s been a busy but productive week so far.  The good news is it is only Wednesday too!

Facebook – General – Guest Post on Wild Words Website

A reminder from yesterday of my post on Bridget Holding’s Wild Words website.  Lovely to guest blog.  Many thanks, Bridget.  I met Bridget at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School earlier this year and loved her talk on finding your voice.  It took me a long time to find mine.  As for writing rituals which I discuss in this post, it took me a while to work out what best suited me.  I’m a night owl type of writer.  What type are you?  Comments welcome!  (And, before you ask, I don’t hoot!).

Likewise, do send comments in on writing rituals you’ve found useful.  A chief one of mine is to always write first.  If I have any editing to do, I get on with that later into my writing session.  I like to get the creative work down first.  (Incidentally editing can be creative too but not in the same way).

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Facebook – General – Publication News

Busy day online. Firstly my monthly post for More than Writers, the Association of Christian Writers blog, is up on site. I talk about some of the joys in the Christian life.

Secondly, I have a new flash piece up on Cafelit, with more to follow soon. I’ve experimented with the form a little bit in that tonight’s story is a flash tale told in rhyme. Fun do to (and a challenge!). See

Facebook – From Light to Dark and Back Again

It is a joy to write fiction and non-fiction, though the first has always been what has “called” to me the most. I’ve always had a love of stories and always will though it is great that now a lot of fiction techniques are being used to make non-fiction work more accessible to people. Long gone are the days of long lists of dates and figures… now we look at how people would have lived back in the days of whenever. A much better approach.

I would hope flash fiction would also be a way to convince the die-hard non-fiction only reader (and I’ve known a couple in my time) that you can enjoy storytelling. And that it can be kept to the point like any good non-fiction article.

I love flash for its brevity, for the way it makes me write tightly, and for those moments that you know make a story but are too short for a standard length competition.  Flash fiction gives those stories an outlet.


To come:-

Talking of non-fiction, my Chandler’s Ford Today post for this week will be a look back at the Winchester Discovery Event last weekend.

Another flash fiction piece by me should be up on Cafelit tomorrow too.


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