In a follow-up post to Postcards from the Magical World, More Magical World Missives shares further brief correspondence from fairytale characters.  (Previously undiscovered brief correspondence naturally).  Tonight’s missives come from Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty and Six of the Seven Dwarves!


Are Things Where You Still Left Them discusses whether your characters are prone to losing things.  Are your characters well organised or do they leave their belongings all over the place?! What habits (including losing things) aggravate your characters the most?


A busy night on the cyber launch front, more in a moment, so I thought I would write something that was a complete contrast on FB tonight.  And in full:-

You can tell it is is spring in Britain – it is still cold! I keep getting told off by a robin whenever I go into the garden so suspect there may be a nest nearby. It comes to something when I’m whinged at on my own back lawn!

Mabel, bless her, takes no notice of the birds and they ignore her too. I’ve seen blackbirds step aside and carry on digging up worms as Mabel, in her younger years, went off in hot pursuit of a grey squirrel. It was as if the birds knew… (they probably weren’t sorry about the squirrel being seen off the premises in no uncertain terms either!).


Tonight I discuss why I have three websites and summarise them, including this one.  It can be surprising where the writing journey takes you and I never anticipated this but I love writing for all of my sites and I hope something of that shows through.

A very proud moment, one all writers of fiction dream of - holding the first copy of your own book. Image by Adrian Symes.

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