Notebooks old and new - image via Pixabay. Ideas have to be jotted down somewhere!



In Once Upon A Time…and Other Openings I discuss what I think makes for a great opening to a story or even an article and why I feel once upon a time isn’t strong enough.  I look at starting a piece with dialogue that intrigues, a character that you simply must know more about or a fantastic situation that, again, your reader will want to explore.  The writer’s job is to keep the reader, reading!


I love writing prompts and have used Ernest Hemingway’s six words short story exercise to trigger them in the past.  In Writing Prompts, I share five different scenarios.  Have fun!


I thought I’d share the whole post here as it discusses what books you turn to when life is getting you down etc.  I look for escapism.  What do you choose?  Comments welcome!

What books do you turn to if, say, things are not going well with life in general? For me, I have to read for escapism and the funnier the work the better.

I can see the point of “realistic” fiction which shows life as it is lived, but there is nothing wrong with a book or a story being purely for entertainment.

I suspect this is why genre fiction can still be looked down on. Genre fiction does tend to focus on an entertaining, gripping read and quite rightly too.

Old-fashioned as I am, I like ALL books to entertain, even if, as with non-fiction, you go on to learn something as well.


I am posting regularly on this now and tonight I share some of my early work from Cafelit (including a story which will make you think twice about ever annoying a duck!).  I also share one of my posts from Chandler’s Ford Today where I discuss what flash fiction is and I discuss how I came to write flash fiction at all.


The old fashioned notebook and pen still have major roles to play in interviewing - image via Pixabay

Despite technology, the old notebook and pen still have their uses.  Image via Pixabay.





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