Books are the gateway to other worlds - image via Pixabay



In Birthdays in Fairytales I look at how birthdays can be a pivotal event in the classic tales.  I also ask how your characters celebrate their birthdays.  Also are there official birthdays commemorated by people (whether they want to or not!)?


Chatty Characters looks at how dialogue can reveal so much about a character in not just what they say but how they say it.  Dialogue can also be used to vary pace and the alert reader can pick up on whether your characters are hiding things.  I love writing dialogue but must admit I have to watch this.  I could happily set up character conversations that go on and on and on….  It all has to be relevant to the story, though!


I was sorry to hear of the death of Colin Dexter, the creator of Inspector Morse.  I heard Colin Dexter speak at the Winchester Writers’ Festival and he held everyone spellbound.  I go on to talk about some of my favourite detectives.

The world of the imagination should play a role in your stories. I can't imagine any world without some form of the arts. Image via Pixabay.

Many of my favourite books take me into the detective’s world.  Image via Pixabay.



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