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In Discovering Courage I discuss the fact it takes crisis events to being the best (usually) out of people and this should be true for your characters as well.  I also ask if your characters ever surprise you with what they prove to be capable of.


Avoidable Alliteration is a short, fun post which shows alliteration best avoided if you ever visit a magical world.  After all you would not want to be OO (obliterated by ogre) or the victim of a WW (wizard wheeze), would you?


I hope to share tomorrow two wonderful reviews of From Light to Dark and Back Again.  I also plan to share Chapeltown’s invite to my cyberlaunch.


You know how sometimes you think the world is out to get you?  Well, in my case, it appears to be the virtual world.  I am glad to say Weebly put right a problem I was facing recently.  Well now it is the turn of Facebook to do the same!  My author page has issues which I need them to resolve (I can’t post to it, the box which tells you to write something is not there, nor are any of my posts yet if I view it as a visitor, I can see everything and post to it!  Screwy or what?!).

Murphy’s Law has struck again.  The moment I typed the above paragraph, I thought I would go back to FB and see what the latest is.  My page is back!  (So thanks, Facebook, but I still have no idea why it vanished, am worried it may happen again, and I really wish you had a Live Chat function so I could get help directly.  With Facebook, you are rather dependent on them responding to your plea for help – and you have no real idea if they will – and even if they do, when it will be!).

I had written a brief post on my main page but think it will be best if I just start again tomorrow as far as FB is concerned.  But hopefully I will be able to share launch and review news amongst other things.

Social Media Tree. Image via Pixabay.

Social Media Tree. Image via Pixabay.



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