One thing that has been true throughout history is the need for a good edit! Image via Pixabay



When Push Comes to Shove looks at how your characters would act when under real pressure and why they would do so.  Are they driven by cowardice, heroism etc?  What would effectively come out from their subconscious when they are driven by fear etc?  Do your characters show signs of changes in their behaviour as their stress levels rise?  And, as writers, what do we do when push comes to shove?  What will we do to get our work out there?  Are we prepared for rewrite after rewrite to get it right?


Getting the Job Done opens with one of the best openings I’ve written I think.  See what you think, however!  I talk in the post about ways and means of achieving things.  I also talk about all writers having to fight the procrastination monster and to get on and get our work out there.


Am delighted to share news reviews for my flash fiction collection are coming in for both the paperback and the Kindle version.  Many thanks to the reviewers.  Also the cyber launch will be on 1st April 2017 between 10 am and 6 pm UK time but all welcome.  There will be giveaways…! 

(In other news, I hope to produce my own monthly newsletter soon and once I’ve sorted things out will put on this site a sign up form.  I plan to share in this newsletter advance news and share extracts from work in progress (hopefully for the next flash fiction collection!) and things like some of my notes from my flash fiction workshop for those who sign up.


I talk about reviews tonight, as a result of having more reviews in for From Light to Dark and Back Again.  I talk about some of the difficulties of writing reviews (you want to say enough to make people want to know more but not give too much away for one thing).  I also share how I go about this when I write reviews for Chandler’s Ford Today.

Well, what IS your story? Image via Pixabay.

How do you review stories without giving too much away?  I share some thoughts on my Facebook Author page. Image via Pixabay.




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