One way through to the magical world but is it all sunshine and flowers? I doubt it! Image via Pixabay



Working with the Impossible looks at the importance of realism in even the most fantastical of settings.  I find the best way to achieve that realism is through realistic characters.  Ones that bicker, crave power, cheat etc etc and those that either try to stop them or are in the way and get trodden underfoot.  I also discuss why using magic all the time in a story is not a good idea.  Characters have to have other ways to resolve things, otherwise there is no tension or drama.


Looking into the Future continues the theme of why too much magic/special powers in a story is not a good thing.  I share what my rebellious fairy godmother character, Eileen, thinks of being able to see into the future.  I also look at time travel (as that can also be used to see what the future brings) and ask whether characters should pay a price for being able to do this.


I meant to put up the classic “author and book” pose today only mud and my border collie, Mabel kind of put paid to that – for today at least.

Come sunrise the fairies (and fairytale witches) must vanish. Image via Pixabay.

Muddy walks and woods – all good fun for Mabel and I. Image via Pixabay.

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