My debut flash fiction collection from Chapeltown Books



More Questions to Ask follows on from yesterday’s post and shares some questions I like to ask about a story as part of the editing process.  For example, are the characters generating the responses/reactions I originally envisaged?  Sometimes characters end up being different from my initial thoughts because they have grown and developed during the course of the story.  But it is never a bad thing to check that any changes like this are good ones.


Remembering the Past looks at how history is vital to a story.  How do your characters commemorate important events in the history of the world on which they live?  How do your characters cope with their own history?


Tomorrow, 7th February, is a red-letter day for me.  My copies of From Light to Dark and Back Again are due!  I discuss this and the importance of working hard and not giving up.  I’ve wanted to be able to hold my own book for years and it is lovely that sometimes dreams do come true.  I have a framed poster above my desk which says “Don’t Give  Up On Your Dreams” and it has been an encouragement.  Not so much as this development though!

Back cover of From Light to Dark and Back Again

Back cover of From Light to Dark and Back Again

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