Asking Yourself the Right Questions lists some of the questions I like to know the answers to before I write or read a story.  I include things like “what is the real point of the story?” and “how can your lead character achieve their objectives?”.  Comments very welcome.  What do you think you should be able to answer when reading or writing any story in any genre?


My Favourite Moments in Any Story lists, amongst other things, discovering at least one character I can root for, for the story to end with a punch or a good twist, and having a good, strong pace which is appropriate for that tale.  Can you add to my list?


I’m thrilled that, after many years of writing, I am now a published book author with From Light to Dark and Back Again (Chapeltown Books).  I’ve updated my home pages on both Fairytales with Bite and This World and Others to reflect this.  I hope to create an email list in the not too distant future so I can send out newsletters and so on but the pages are still under construction at the moment.  I am pleased with the updated home pages though, as I’ve been meaning to refresh these for some time and the advent of the book has given me the necessary spur to get on and do it!  Links below.  Will update when pages are fully ready.

With the Fairytales with Bite site, I have created a specific book page and am currently working on this, as you will see from the link, but thought I would put a link up now to show that (a) the website is being updated and (b) what is going to come.  I don’t know about you but speaking personally, I find it helpful when an author says they are updating their website/blog etc as it acts as a reminder to me to check it out.


I talk about what I love in stories.  Do you agree?  Comments very welcome.

Social Media Tree. Image via Pixabay.

Social Media Tree. Image via Pixabay.


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