Says it all really. Image via Pixabay.



What Fairytales Give Us could easily have been called My Ten Reasons for Loving Fairytales. In my list, I include my love of the fact that in fairy stories, justice and truth will always win in the end (so unlike life!) and that background doesn’t matter when it comes to there being a hero/heroine in the story.  Think of Cinderella, of the miller’s son in Puss and Boots, then up to royalty for the prince transformed into a beast in Beauty and the Beast.  Can you add to my list?  Comments welcome!


Working Methods takes a look at some of my writing methods but also asks about how your characters work.  Is it all done by manual labour, magic, machinery or any combination of these?  I also share why I start my characters off by looking at their main trait and worry about the physical description later.


My first volume of flash fiction stories, From Light to Dark and Back Again, is currently in production by independent press, Chapeltown Books.  I share some further news about this on my Facebook page and will share more as and when I have it but, as you can imagine, I am thrilled about this.  Chapeltown will be bringing out a series of books with their own branding and mine is going to be the first of them.  Very much ongoing news story here!

Books make wonderful gifts. Image via Pixabay.

Books are wonderful – whether in print or electronic, whether as audio stories or told by a storyteller. Image via Pixabay.


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