The world of the imagination should play a role in your stories. I can't imagine any world without some form of the arts. Image via Pixabay.



Mistakes that Cost lists some of the things certain fairytale characters could’ve done to avoid meeting their truly horrible fate.  Still, it is easy to be wise after the event..  not a lot of good in the case of these characters but it is easy!


Writing Tips I learned – eventually! lists three major points.  I discuss First Drafts, the character versus plot debate, and whether it is worth planning a piece of work.  In my view the answer to the last one is very simple – yes!  Of course, how much planning you do can vary.  I don’t plan all the last details in any story but simply work out the main points that I’ve got to have so the story is as I envisaged it to be.


Unless I’m writing for a competition, I don’t usually write to a theme.  I write to my main character and it is their main traits that drive the story.  I talk about this and what my favourite kind of characters are.

There must be some truly fantastic fiction here. Image via Pixabay.

There must be some truly fantastic fiction here. Image via Pixabay.



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