How do your characters handle matters when forced to change direction and take a path they had not expected or wanted? Image via Pixabay.



Robin Hood, which I went to see a pantomime of this evening, is one of my favourite stories because it focuses on wrongs being righted.  This probably is my favourite overall theme in fiction. So tonight’s post discusses Favourite StoriesThe post looks at what would be your fictional world’s favourite tales and whether they are based on fact or not. I also look at how favourite stories affect your characters.


I sometimes find it useful to review why I write at all and it can be helpful if you’ve hit a difficult patch.  Reviewing why you write can be an encouragement to keep going.  In my post, Why Write? I list my reasons for writing.  Comments – and your reasons for writing – would be very welcome.


This week’s post will go up later tomorrow evening as I am slightly behind schedule but it is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while.  It will look at why non-fiction reading is absolutely crucial for fiction writers and where inspiration can come from.  More tomorrow…


I discuss going to the pantomime and why I didn’t wave my arms about much!  See the post for the reason why…

A way into the magical realm, perhaps? Image via Pixabay.

I went to see Robin Hood, the pantomime, tonight. This isn’t Sherwood Forest but the story of its most famous resident is one of my all time favourites. Image via Pixabay.



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