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One of my heroes, Doctor Who, is of course renowned for this but my posts tonight are on the topic of the past and how this could affect your characters and plot.


I talk about a magical education in tonight’s post and how that affects your characters.  Are they getting an education now to make up for lost time in their past?  What happened to make them need to do this?  How does the education they’ve had affect the decisions they’re making now?  After all someone who is illiterate would be very dependent on someone else for interpreting any written documents they come across.  Can they trust the ones helping them?


Going Back is tonight’s post and looks at how revisiting places can affect your characters.  I love visiting places of historical interest and always come away from them having learned something new.  I also come away with a deeper appreciation I can read and write.  This has not always been universal, especially for women.  The past has a deep impact on now and at least in terms of general education in the developed world this has been a major improvement.  (And yes I wish this was true everywhere).


I talk about revisiting the past and education again here.  This topic came to mind as I reblogged a post (first time ever!) from Tales From the Notepad’s Sunday Sojourn series where their post was about Fotheringay Castle.  I would love to visit what remains here given it is the birthplace of Richard III (and I must try and get to Leicester at some point too).



Have sent off a new fairytale for a writing competition.  I’m currently developing a flash fiction tale into a longer piece of work given the initial idea has sparked other ideas.  I love that when it happens and of course I can hopefully place the flash fiction piece in one place and the longer work somewhere else should it all work out okay.

Am also currently working my way through some fantastic interview questions put to me by short story author, Jacci Gooding, who I met at Winchester Writers’ Festival.  Will post details of when the interview will appear when I know more but am enjoying being on the other side of the fence.  I love carrying out writer interviews and indeed reading them, as I always learn something (one of the great joys of writing at all for me), but it has felt a bit odd having questions put to me!  It is a very good “odd” though!!

Blogging via diaries and tablets - ancient and modern technology! Image via Pixabay.

Blogging via diaries and tablets – ancient and modern technology! Image via Pixabay.

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