Books are the gateway to other worlds. Image via Pixabay.



The Good, the Bad and the Ugly are all found in classic fairytales, probably the best example is Beauty and the Beast.  The good is Beauty, the bad is the witch who cursed the prince and Beast is the ugly one, though I’ve always loved this tale for its message that what you look like should not be the be all and end all.  (A side message is be careful when offending someone who looks harmless as they might not be and turning someone else into a monstrous being is one of their specialities!).  How can you use these elements?  I have a look at that in this post.


I look at rituals and habits in At the End of the Day and ask what do your characters do at the end of their day?  Do they follow their own habits or is everyone expected to follow a set routine?  (If the latter, you know the world you’ve created is run by a control freak!).  How your characters wind down for the night (or day as appropriate) can reveal much about them and how they differ from others in stories.


Today saw one of those lovely moments in the life of a writer:  that moment when you open a parcel of books you’ve ordered but your story is in them!  My flash fiction piece, Telling the Time, is in The Best of Cafelit 5 (available in print and electronically).   The link takes you to the Amazon page.  My story is one of my 100 word stories but there’s a lovely mix of very short stories like that and longer ones so there should be something to suit all tastes in short story length!

The old way of writing a story! Image via Pixabay

The old way of writing a story! Image via Pixabay



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