Sunday Sojourn – Fotheringhay Castle

Loved this piece. Would still like to walk around the place one day.

Jennifer C. Wilson

Hello! This week, I’m your tour guide, for a visit to a place which has plenty of interesting historical links for me, but which I’ve never managed to visit. Don’t get me wrong – I was all set to go. I’d already found a hotel nearby, checked bus routes, confirmed train times and then… Discovered there was nothing there. So, something of a ‘non site’ this week, but never mind – there is a reason. We’re off to Fotheringhay Castle!

800px-fotheringhaycastlenene Fotheringhay Castle: By Smb1001 – Own work, GFDL, from Wikipedia

As you can see, limited opportunities to explore, and not much of a chance to get a sense of the place…

Ownership of the land can be traced back to a gift from William the Conqueror to Judith of Lens, the wife of the Earl of Northumbria, with their daughter and her husband founding the castle around 1100. Through her second…

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