I look at the changes of direction that can come to your characters, whether these are eagerly anticipated or forced on your hero/heroine by circumstance, the actions of others,  mysterious documents turning up and so on.  Indeed it would be a strange story if there wasn’t at least one forced change of direction your hero/heroine has to come terms with before then defeating it.


I look at what your characters would wish for, if they were given the chance to have their say.  (I know some of my characters would be ensuring they have more than their fair say).


I discuss my love of swimming here tonight.  I thought when I first started I’d use the rest periods to think out my plots and stories and soon discovered, instead, my mind goes a complete blank.  But I do find  I’m refreshed and reivigorated after a swim that that is the point of writing creative non-fiction.

Helping out especially if there's a change of direction to navigate. Image via Pixabay.

Helping out especially if there’s a change of direction to navigate. Image via Pixabay.





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