The light on the sea at Dunbeath



Tonight’s post looks at enforced changes and gives story prompt ideas as to what changes are enforced on your characters, who by and why?  There has got to be at least a short story in that!  I also look at how the darker evenings can affect characters – for example in terms of health (sunshine lamps etc are used to combat the increasing effects of the lack of light as we go further into autumn and then winter). That would be an enforced and unavoidable change on a character’s well being, even if it is only for a brief period each year relatively speaking.  So how would your characters cope with that?  And how would it affect their behaviour?


The dark theme continues with a look at the dark side in tonight’s post for This World and Others. I look at the seasons briefly but also discuss monsters and wonder what dark side of the personality your characters might be trying to suppress.  Do they succeed?  Who decides who is the monster?  (They’re not always the ugly brute – see Shrek for more on this!).


I discuss the Proms (as broadcast by Radio 3) and that the Last Night of the Proms is rapidly approaching, a sure sign autumn is here.  I also discuss the effects the darker evenings have on me – I tend to read more!  I like to escape into my fictional and non-fictional worlds and block out the fact the nights are drawing in far earlier than I would like.

I loved the long, light evenings in the Far North of Scotland. Image by me.

I loved the long, light evenings in the Far North of Scotland. Image by me.



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