I discuss my favourite fairytale and collection of fairytales in my blog post called Books, Glorious Books (and they so are!).  Working out what you like to read most can be a great aid to working out what you most want to write.  Sometimes it can help you work out what you love to read but don’t feel “strong” enough to write.  For example, I love crime stories.  I’ve written a few short pieces but know I couldn’t make crime the main category in which I write.  I also briefly discuss the inspiration we get from books and ask if what drives your writing is strong enough to sustain a novel or if it would be better for a short story.


I discuss story formats in tonight’s post and stress the important thing is getting the story across effectively to people.  The actual format in which that can be done varies of course.  I’ve been inspired to read an author thanks to watching a great film adaptation of some of their work.  Other times I’ve read the book and found the film a wonderfully enjoyable way of enjoying the story a second time!


I discuss story formats again here and wonder what film adapters would do without books!  I think the creative industries would grind to a halt without books – so more power to the book writers then!

Some of the anthologies my work has appeared in - image by me.

Some of the anthologies my work has appeared in – image by me.



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