Magazines are a wonderful read. I like the writing mags and some history ones. Image via Pixabay.



Tonight’s post is called And Now For Something Completely DifferentMuch as I love humorous lists (reading and writing them), I thought I would look at the differences in the worlds you might create for your stories that would draw readers in.  What makes the world you’ve created different from what we know?  What is only all too familiar (but is easy to identify with)? These are some of the things discussed.


Talking of the familiar, I look at this in Right Under Your Nose, tonight’s post for my writing tips and prompts website.  It is frighteningly easy to take for granted the familiar settings around you (and indeed the people!).  Do your characters do this?  Do they have cause to regret it?  This post looks at this in a little more detail.


I discuss what I’ve been reading, magazine wise, tonight and also a novel competition I hope to have a try for over the next few months.  (Closing date isn’t until January 2017).  I also raise the spectre of the “C” word, which I generally refuse to even think about until after the end of September, though I’ve seen so many cards and some seasonal parties being advertised already.  (And I love the “C” season but in August?  Really?)


Overview of a local Extravaganza event, sadly not to be held this year. Image by me.

Overview of a local Extravaganza event, sadly not to be held this year. Image by me.



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