My debut flash fiction collection from Chapeltown Books



Advice to a Fairytale Star gives five useful ideas for those visiting the fairytale world or who would like to star in it.  Fairytale justice does tend to be on the tough side so following advice such as “be humble” and “help others” really comes into its own here.  The whole point of this is in such a setting, you never know who you are helping (or offending by refusing to help) so be genuine, be a decent soul and the fairytale world will generally help you.  Act arrogantly and it will delight in bringing you down!


I like writing summary posts every so often of tips I find ueful over and over again and tonight’s Favourite Pointers is one of those.   Certain tips, such as always editing on paper and not on screen, I really can’t emphasize the importance of enough.  You always miss things on screen.  I couldn’t tell you how often I’ve done that.  It is only when I edit on paper I can be reasonably certain I will pick up on errors.  And given every industry has its con-men, it does pay to check out that competitions, agents, publishers etc are who they say they are. If in doubt, query with organisations such as the Society of Authors.  They will be glad to give advice on things like this.


Short but sweet post tonight so have put in full here.  (Quick peep ahead to my Chandler’s Ford Today post this week too).

Really tired tonight but managed to do loads of magazine reading so pleased with that (first time in a week too!). My Chandler’s Ford Today post later this week will be taking a look at the lessions I learned from my cyber launch for From Light to Dark and Back Again. Hard to believe a week has gone by already…



The Three Bears.jpg

One of my favourite stories from From Light to Dark and Back Again is Health and Safety and, for once, tells the classic fairytale from Goldilocks’ viewpoint.  Image via Pixabay.  I shared the tale during my cyber launch last week.


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