Heaven on earth? Image via Pixabay (of the library at Leeds Castle)



In Being Emotional or Not, I look at whether your characters wear their hearts on their sleeves or whether they bottle everything up until a crisis (often a family one) forces them to open up. I also ask what makes your characters emotional (or not) in the first place and what led them to take this approach to life.  Your characters’ emotions can be shallow or deep but there should be good reasons for them (even if they are only good from their viewpoint!).


In Knowing What to Do… or Not, I look at how your characters handle those moments in life where you are thrown in at the deep end and have to learn how to swim or sink. How do your characters react when they face a situation they don’t know how to handle? Who do they turn to for advice and why? Is the advice good? If your characters don’t know what to do initially, do they fall to pieces or are they determined to find a solution/do their duty no matter what?  Good story ideas there with plenty of potential for conflict.


Thought I’d reproduce my post in full. I expect it may ring some bells with writers!

Managed to declutter my desk last night. Felt absolutely shattered afterwards so didn’t write much. Probably won’t be decluttering my desk again until 2021 (no NOT just after twenty past eight) so am currently feeling proud of myself. It has to be one of my most hated tasks.

I am reasonably well organised but you know how writers collect things. It’s the I’ll just keep that competition leaflet, details of this story challenge etc etc – I’m bound to have a go at them, right?

Nine times out of ten I do but it’s the one time I don’t that causes the problems. Those end up at the bottom of my pile and I forget about them. By the time I get to them again the deadlines are long since expired.

And the other thing – confessions from writers are generally not that exciting. Not breaking any rules there!

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