There's still a place for writing directly to paper. Image via Pixabay



Lines that Will Lead to Trouble shares five instances of things you or a character visiting a magical world would definitely not want to hear.  Examples include wondering what the ring with the strange writing on it will do and whether the friendly looking old lady in the pointed hat will give directions.  (Yes, to her oven, best avoid).  Can you add to the list?


What Not to Give a Writer is a post inspired by a present I received this week as I’d had my birthday on the Wednesday.  I received gifts I definitely did want, including a writer’s kit – all good things but it led me to wonder about what a writer would not want.  I’ve included not wanting a lecture from someone who claims they’d write if only they had the time.  Committed writers make the time even if it is only a small amount each day.


Short post tonight so have reproduced it in full here…

Must admit though I will like the lighter evenings, I don’t like the clock change business. I wish they’d pick one time and stick to it. I always feel a bit jet-lagged for a few days after the change.

Good to see family and friends today. Looking forward to cyber launch next weekend.

Not much reading achieved this week, hope to make up for that a bit tomorrow.



Don’t forget.  The cyber launch for From Light to Dark and Back Again is next Saturday, 1st April between 10 am and 6 pm.  All welcome to drop by!

Cyberlaunch Image




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