Going Backwards is a follow-up post to my one of yesterday which talked about the way forward.  It is possible for characters, instead of developing and moving on, to go backward.  Is it because they can’t handle the pressures?  Are they retreating to give themselves time to work out what to do about the situation they find themselves in? Does their wish to “go backward” for a while help them or make the problem worse?


I think I may have come up with my favourite post title tonight.  The Wonderful Ways of the Awkward Character (I admit it doesn’t trip off the tongue easily, though!) looks at why characters can be awkward and why are brilliant for writers.


My latest Chandler’s Ford Today post is part 1 of my interview with Martin Kyrle, former Liberal Democrat councillor and now published author. His book Jottings from the Trans-Siberian Railway describes a fantastic journey taken by him with friend and photographer, Michael Roberts, across Russia, Mongolia and into China.

One thing I love about non-fiction writing is how it is increasingly using storytelling techniques to entertain (as well as give you the facts and figures of whatever subject you are reading about). Martin’s book is a very good example of this and would appeal to lovers of travel books, railways and funny stories!

Martin and I discuss the book and I give a summary of the contents. The photos in the book are stunning. The book is written as a travel diary and is very easy to read. It sheds light on a part of the world which is still wilderness (especially Mongolia).

Martin also shares why he wrote the book. The second part of the interview next week will include a summary of Kyrle’s Laws (including the wonderfully named Law of the Public Bog!) and what Martin would have done differently had he known then what he knows now.



My latest CFT post gives a review of the book and shares part 1 of the interview with its author, Martin Kyrle.  This photo was taken by me though all images in the book itself are taken by Michael Roberts (and are simply stunning!).


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