Shakespeare had his quill, modern writers have their laptops. Image via Pixabay.



In Seeing is Believing I discuss the importance of readers being able to see where your characters are coming from” and so why they react the way they do.  Taking us into your character’s head and thoughts will help us see the way they see the world.  We don’t necessarily have to agree that perspective but it will increase our understanding.  Increasing understanding will increase sympathy for a character (even a villain) and if we are sympathetic (even slightly) we are more likely to want to read on to see how things turn out for them.


In Classic Hooks, share some of the great hooks that will keep readers reading to the end of your story/book.  These range from the “character must succeed in their quest or their world is doomed” to “the character is so vile you read on hoping they will meet a truly nasty fate”!  (Readers can be so nice at times!).  But what matters is we keep reading…


Glad to report From Light to Dark and Back Again is now up on the Association of Christan Writers’ Bookshop and Writing Magazine’s Subscribers’ Showcase.  The latter includes a link to this very blog and my interview by Jacci Gooding as well as the Amazon link.


I share news of the Subscriber Showcase Spotlight.  Really pleased with how this looks.

Social Media Tree. Image via Pixabay.

Social Media Tree – spreading the word about books and stories.   Image via Pixabay.



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