Wish Fulfilment discusses how would your characters react to seeing others having their wishes granted but not their own?  Also, how would they react if their own were granted?  What are the criteria a fairy godmother or character of that ilk would use before deciding to grant a wish?  This post came about as my Chandler’s Ford Today post this week talks about a major wish fulfilment of mine – the publication of From Light to Dark and Back Again by Chapeltown Books.  More below.


Small Steps again links to my CFT post but also discusses the value of small steps in any writer’s development.  I’ve learned over time not to undervalue these because, though they seemed insignificant in the overall scheme of things at the time, I know now that I wouldn’t be where I am writing wise without them.  I also discuss the value of persistence, patience and being open to new writing ideas.  When I started, I had one fixed idea in my head – to get my novel The Trouble with Mother published.  I still want to do that at some stage but I decided to try short story writing, which led on to flash fiction, and non-fiction thanks to the CFT posts.  So keep going and celebrate all small steps – they can and do lead to bigger ones!


I share my latest CFT post – Published – My Debut Flash Fiction Collection – and discuss what that means to me.  I also share my steps to publication – there were many of them!  And the great thing with writing is you never stop learning or wanting to improve on what you do, so I very much hope I’ll have many more small (and bigger) steps in the years to come.


Again links to my CFT post.  Anyone would think I was thrilled to be published!  (Err…  this is my example of understatement for tonight!).


A moment I've hoped to achieve for more years than I care to recall...

A moment I’ve hoped to achieve for more years than I care to recall…

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