A very proud moment, one all writers of fiction dream of - holding the first copy of your own book. Image by Adrian Symes.



In Being Quizzed I share details of my interview by my fellow scribe, Jacci Gooding.  Usually, I ask the questions for Chandler’s Ford Today but it was a real joy to be on the other side of the fence.  Jacci put some great questions to me and I am delighted to share the link to her blog here.  I also discuss networking (I met Jacci at the Winchester Writers’ Festival a few years back, neither of us could have foreseen an interview happening but I am so glad it did!).  I also ask how your characters react to being quizzed.


I link into my interview again in New Directions (given being interviewed is very much a new direction for me!) but also ask about what new directions your characters are facing.  Are they facing these willingly?  What are the consequences of these new directions for them?  How your characters handle change, especially unlooked for change, could and should reveal a great deal about them.


I’m currently working on a From Light to Dark and Back Again page for Fairytales with Bite.  Once I’ve got this up and running I will copy it across to This World and Others.  The idea is to have all interviews, posts, book signing news etc all on this one page.  It will take me a while to get things together but please visit and feedback would be welcome.  I intend to include a FAQs slot, what led me to write the book etc etc.


I talk about Jacci’s interview here and how it was odd for me to be the other side of the fence.  It was a great odd to experience though!




Books, whether you’re reading or writing them or both, are simply magical.  Image via Pixabay.



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