My posts are all flash fiction theme based tonight.


Flash Fiction and Fairytales looks at why I think these make for an incredibly good mix.  One thing I love about fairytales is they are direct and flash fiction, of course, forces you to write “tight” to meet strict word count requirements.

I share one ofmy stories, Living the Lie, in this post.  (I hope this story will be in my next collection).  A lot ofmy flash stories are my take on fairytales and this one is my take on Beauty and the Beast.  Hope you like it.

And why not have a go at writing flash?  One thing I have found (and From Light to Dark and Back Again reflects this) is that it can cover all genres.  (My book has fairytales, crime and light horror stories in them amongst others).


Short and Sweet – or Not as the Case May Be looks at the advantages of flash fiction and I discuss one of the methods I use when it comes to writing these.  I also discuss one huge advantage of flash fiction for all writers, regardless of genre and including non-fiction as well, is that it does force you to write tight.  That skill of course can transfer across to whatever it is you write (and is bound to improve it.  My stories and posts always improve when I write tight and cut out all the unnecessary words.  There are always more of those than you think/would like on a first draft!  Still the good thing is that is true for all writers!).


I share a little of what is around my writing desk tonight and talk about why I think border collies are great dogs.  (I know it’s a strange mix but writing and dogs are a major part of my life and both are phenomenally important to me).  I managed to catch up with some reading today after a hectic week (most of which was not writing related unfortunately).  I don’t know quite what it is about reading but I do know it is good for you!

Open a book, open a gateway into another world. Image via Pixabay.

Open a book, open a gateway into another world. Image via Pixabay.



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