The Kindle. Has expanded my reading (no more worrying about how many books I can take on holiday either!). Image via Pixabay.



This is a bit ironic really since one of my wishes has come true today!  From Light to Dark and Back Again is now available on Kindle and the Amazon link is

I use the Look Inside feature a lot when browsing books on Amazon so am glad to say it’s available on mine too.


When Wishes Won’t Come True is a piece about when magic is limited in your stories and I think it has to be.  If all problems can be solved with the wave of a magic wand, where’s the conflict, the drama, the story?  Also what do you do when you face something who is as good magically as you are?   You effectively stalemate each other.  I also look at those characters who might be relieved magic can’t solve everything and how that would put them at odds with almost everyone else in a magical environment.  There should be some good story pointers here.


Working Hard discusses which characters work the hardest and why in your stories and what kind of world are they living in?  One that uses machines a lot or is still dependent on manual labour?


I spread the word about the Kindle version of my flash fiction collection.

My debut flash fiction collection from Chapeltown Books

My debut flash fiction collection from Chapeltown Books

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