The magic of stories. Image via Pixabay



In Books for the Magical World, I suggest what volumes would be likely to appear on people’s bookshelves.  I’ve excluded standard spell and charm books and the classic fairytales but have included things like Wand Size – Does it Matter? (one for the more insecure wizard I think) to Voice Coaching – How to Perfect that Cackle for the beginner fairytale witch who wants to get her “sound” right.


How Important is Reading is one of those questions that have inspired reports, essays, academic papers and so on, so how can I answer it in a blog post?  By focusing on answering it from your characters’ viewpoint.  Do they read and, if so, what?  Do they try to read the books their society bans and so on?


I discuss book and story formats tonight.  This follows on from my recent Chandler’s Ford Today post about the Blood and Valour comic book/graphic novel.  I like this kind of thing as these are splendid artworks in their own right and I feel an invaluable aid to coaxing in the reluctant reader.  I also discuss audio books.

Main Cover - Blood and Valour. Image supplied by Eastleigh Borough Council.

Main Cover – Blood and Valour. Image supplied by Eastleigh Borough Council.  Glorious artwork and a great way of bringing in reluctant readers.



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