Says it all really and ties in with my post tonight for This World and Others. Image via Pixabay.


It’s spot the theme night tonight!


The Joy of Books looks at well the joy of books for one thing but also asks whether your characters read for pleasure.  Also, do your characters take in their stories via print or do they use other media to do so? How do your characters “use” their literacy?


In Reading, ask how literate is your world and if reading is encouraged or viewed with suspicion?  (Reading can generate ideas, after all, some of which at least could be threatening to those in power).  Are there libraries?  Can anyone access them?


I talk about the various books I have on my Kindle – everything from C.S. Lewis to Doctor Who to short stories to fantasy to history (fact and fiction).  I conclude by wondering if someone found my Kindle, would they consider me a confused reader or someone who couldn’t make up their mind as to what they read?  For me, variety is the spice of my reading life.

The Kindle - modern reading for a modern era. Image via Pixabay.

The Kindle – modern reading for a modern era. Image via Pixabay.

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