Fiction or not, books are the gateways to other worlds. Image via Pixabay.



Signs your Day is about to Worsen shares five such signs and includes discovering talking bears as you go for a pleasant forest walk.  Then there’s narrowly avoiding being hit by a falling farmhouse (and you realise you must be in a world where falling masonry is simply not good enough, it has to be the whole building).  Oh, and spotting your first dragon can make you realise you should’ve taken up speed running when you were younger.  Still, you can always start now…


Grumpy Characters, as well as playing tribute to a certain star of Snow White, looks at reasons why your characters (or at least some of them) would have good cause to be on the grumpy side.  I list frustration (of all sorts!) to resentment (doesn’t have to be justified) to experiencing injustice.  So what would make your characters grumpy and do they ever get out of this state?  If so, how and why?


I share my thoughts on what makes a good story, wonder why younger relatives can accept the existence of The Tudors yet oddly not the fact there was life before the smart phone, to my memories of typewriters and other machines I’ve worked on in my time.  (Nearly all of these will have been consigned to a museum by now!).

Where stories used to start... image via Pixabay.

Where stories used to start… image via Pixabay.


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