Imagine the wealth of fairytales and other stories in here. Image via Pixabay.



Character Criteria lists five attributes I like to see in a character and many can apply to villains, as well as heroes/heroines.  Do you agree with my list?  What would you add?  I include, amongst others, reliability, empathy and courage.


It’s a night for lists.  In Asking the Awkward Questions I list five questions (also a big night for the number five for me!), which I think it pays authors to ask every now and then.  For example, why am I writing about this world?  You need to convey what is special about this setting that made you have to write about it.  Get that through to your reader and they’ll run with the vision with you.


I share some news of what this week’s Chandler’s Ford Today post will be about and am pleased to say, as part of it, there will be some stunning artwork, which I’m looking forward to sharing. The CFT post will go up on Friday.



Books really are the gatekeepers. Image via Pixabay.

And a great thing about books is their wide variety of genres and formats, including stunning comic books.  Image via Pixabay.



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