One of the best ways to escape is with a good book. Image via Pixabay.



Favourite Character Types lists my three favourites.  These are the reluctant hero, the misunderstood character who isn’t the evil so-and-so everyone thought, and the heroine who is as good as the hero and often better.  I give some examples and say what I would have liked to have seen happen with regard to Severus Snape (who comes in the second one on my list).  See what you think.


Anniversaries shares some questions which could lead to interesting stories, such as which anniversaries are banned by the authorities of your ficitonal world and what happens to anyone defying that ban.  Also if Character A thinks a certain anniversary is important but Character B does not, how does that affect their relationship?


I’ve found a way of catching up with my magazine reading – get on the exercise bike and pedal away as I read.  I also share up to date news about Mabel, my border collie, and wonder if inconsiderate swimmers who don’t look where they’re going also happen to be Audi drivers.  So a nice mixed bag here!

Shakespeare had his quill, modern writers have their laptops. Image via Pixabay.

Such a familiar look. Image via Pixabay.


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