As ever, a title that says it all!  I share some tips I have found useful when it comes to world building.  In Fairytale World Building, I discuss how reading widely (including non-fiction) is so useful for sparking ideas and helping you to make your created world more realistic.  It is the great irony in fiction that our stories have to “seem real” even though they are completely made up, but to have any resonance with readers, they have got to seem plausible if say the world is magical or what have you.  The reader has got to feel “yes, it could be like that”.  Anyway, I hope the tips here are of help, they have been to me.


What Drives Characters follows on from a recent post on motivations.  Tonight’s post looks at what would make a character behave differently from the way they would usually.  In a crisis, is their inner cowardice or courage let loose?  When stubbornness drives them to finish something when they are not usually stubborn? What brought this trait out?  Commitment to an idea?  An extreme situation?  Food for thought here I hope.


I look at The Watercress Line, a Hampshire based steam railway, in tonight’s post.  There are lots of pictures including one of a totally politically incorrect sign, which always makes me laugh when I see it as I can’t imagine who would buy the product with the name it was given.  See the post, you’ll easily spot the picture in question and well, would you buy it?!  I also recommend Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett in this post as he spent a day on the Watercress Line researching this novel.  Strongly suspect this was a real labour of love!


Again I discuss my CFT post here.


My feature image for tonight's Chandler's Ford Today post. All images in this post were taken by me.

My feature image for tonight’s Chandler’s Ford Today post. All images in this post were taken by me.


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