Fairytale magic can go awry - characters lose powers or become power obsessed. Neither is a pretty sight. Image via Pixabay.



In our world, some worry about losing their hair.  Others worry about losing their general appeal.  In the magical world characters worry about losing their magical abilities.  Five Signs Your Character is Losing Their Magical Ability describes the five most common signs this is happening to your character.  The most common cause is being cursed.


Power obsession is an ugly thing.  Five Signs Your Character is Becoming Power Obsessed shows the most common signs this is happening to your character.  What will be really interesting is what happens to your plot as a result!


A shorter post tonight and I look at a query most dog owners will have – namely why their pet takes so long to do its night time business when it is freezing outside.  When it is mild they are back in the house within a minute or so.  Guess who froze tonight?!  I also discuss the wonderful changing leaf colours around me.  And I share what I’m reading at the moment in general terms.  What are you reading?  And now, in the UK, the nights are drawing in earlier, are you reading more?


Fairies are not twee creatures... tonight I ask what do fairytale characters most care about. Image via Pixabay

Fairies are not twee creatures.  They are dangerous, especially if they think rivals are losing magical ability.  Image via Pixabay

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