Shakespeare had his quill, modern writers have their laptops. Image via Pixabay.


Given we are now into November, tonight’s posts look at autumnal changes in different ways.


The Time of the Year asks what are your characters’ favourite times of year and why?  Could the answers here show something about their state of mind?  (If they like autumn/winter do they tend to be melancolic, for example?).


On the other hand, the title for the post here tonight indicates a more lighthearted theme!  Autumnal Flying Hazards For Your Average Magical Being does sum up the post nicely though and looks at hazards that could reasonably be expected at this time of the year in any magical realm.


I discuss Vincent, the song by Don McLean and the episode of Doctor Who tonight and share one of my favourite You Tube clips.  I share the clip again here.  This also makes a great introduction to the works of Van Gogh.  The clip was originally put up several years ago by Anthony DiFatta.

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