Come sunrise the fairies (and fairytale witches) must vanish. Image via Pixabay.


I love writing a  mixture of funny posts and those that share writing tips/thoughts about writing, hence tonight’s billings!


Offending a Fairytale Witch is full of hints and tips for anyone brave or insane enough to give this a go.  It’s not something I’d do but then I like (a) living and (b) going to bed the same shape and species with which I began the day.  Call me fussy and all that but we all have our lines we won’t cross and this is one of mine.  Still the great thing is even if you’re not brave or insane enough to offend a fairytale witch, like me you can always enjoy reading about what you could do but for health and safety reasons have wisely chosen not to indulge in!


Turning from the ridiculous to what I hope is the more sensible (and maybe sublime?), What is a Good Story shares what I think makes for a truly gripping tale.  Do you agree with my findings?  Can you add to them?  I’ve deliberated not named any specific stories but the principles of my list apply across all genres and word counts.


Today was lovely in that I sent back the proofs for my short story, Helping Out, which will be appearing in Bridge House Publishing’s annual anthology soon.  This year’s anthology is called Baubles and I am looking forward to going to the launch event in London in December.  It will be a joint launch with Cafelit and I am thrilled I have a flash fiction piece, Telling the Time, in their compilation, The Best of Cafelit 5.  It has been a good year for my short stories and I very much hope to build on this in 2017.

A way into the magical realm, perhaps? Image via Pixabay.

A way into the magical realm, perhaps? Image via Pixabay.

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