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Career Prospects for a Fairytale Witch


Career Prospects for a Fairytale Witch is full of advice for those interested in pursuing this path.  Of course a lot depends on whether you are happy to accept always being the bad guy, knowing  you are likely to die before your time and often horribly, and that you’ll never be able to trust any dwarf ever again (especially if there are seven of them confronting you).  However if this is not a problem, this post shares what you could do (and even shares some hints as to what you could do to increase your chances of living longer too).


Firstly may I apologise on this one.  I’ve actually named the piece Writing Tips I Continue to Find Helpful but you will see the link says What Writers would do well to Remember.  The latter was the original title I’d chosen but I wasn’t happy with it so changed it.  I don’t know why but the change of title has not been picked by the website so is still showing the old one.  I’ve not had this as an issue before and if it happens again (hopefully not), I’ll query Weebly over it.  Having said that, the post does contain writing tips I continue to find helpful and hope you find them helpful too.


Tonight I share last night’s This World and Others post about Why It Is Not a Good Idea to Annoy a Writer.  I love writing (and reading) humorous lists and hope this one amuses you!

Magical lands. Image via Pixabay.

Magical lands. Image via Pixabay.



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