I could spend many a happy hour here - the library at Prague. Image via Pixabay.



In Living Up to Expectations, I look at expectations from a character’s viewpoint.  What expectations do they have?  What expectations do others have of them?  How does their culture shape those expectations?  Does anyone challenge them and what are the results?


When Things go Horribly Wrong is something that, in a way, has to happen in every story, regardless of format.  After all where is the story?  It is in how the characters deal with the crises that have arisen for them.  What for them is drama, tragedy even is from the reader’s viewpoint pure entertainment!  Heartless lot aren’t we?!  So how does your character handle matters when everything appears to have gone down the proverbial spout?  How do they pick themselves up again (assuming they do – if they don’t, well that’s a story in itself).


I take a lighthearted view at alternative titles for children’s classic fiction, list six and challenge you to come up with some in tonight’s post!  This came about from a photo from Quercus Books that I shared on Facebook earlier this week.  It showed new versions of Famous Five stories – Five Go to Brexit Island, Five Go Gluten Free and so on.  This photo has been one of the most popular things I’ve shared so I thought I would extend the idea a little.  See what I’ve come up with for my list and then see what you can come up with!


The magical world of the imagination. Image via Pixabay

The magical world of the imagination. Image via Pixabay


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