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When I was growing up, one of my favourite children’s TV shows was Record Breakers, hosted by the late and much missed Roy Castle.  It would share examples of records broken and the editors of the Guinness Book of Records at that time, the Macwhirter Brothers, would share fantasic examples of people’s dedication so they could achieve this or that feat.  The closing theme tune had the marvellous words “dedication is what you need” and Dedication is the title of my post tonight.  Hope the following You Tube clip of the opening to Record Breakers brings back some happy memories for those like me who grew up in the 1970s.

My post looks at the dedication characters must show and I issue a challenge too!  Name a character you really love and look at the reasons why you like them.  Dedication to their cause (good or evil) will come up.  Try it and see!


A short post here tonight (to make up for FWB tonight perhaps!) but this one looks at Your Life’s WorkBoth themes for FWB and TWAO tie in with my Chandler’s Ford Today post (more on that shortly).  In this post tonight, I look at what is your character’s life’s work?  What gets in the way of them achieving it?


I recently had the wonderful experience of interviewing Barbara Large, MBE, founder of the Winchester Writers’ Festival.  I don’t think it is possible to overstate just how much help and encouragement she has given writers from all backgrounds and genres over the years. In this interview (and the one to come next week), she generously shares inspirational writing advice, talks about some of her favourite authors and what was the hardest thing she had to do when organising the Festival.  A fascinating insight into a very rich and varied writing life.  I hope you enjoy it.  Below is a You Tube clip which sums up beautifully why the Festival is such a wonderful experience.


I share details of my Chandler’s Ford Today post tonight, which is Part 1 of my interview with Barbara Large, MBE (founder of the Winchester Writers’ Festival as it is now known).  Part 2 to follow next week.

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